It's official. My ingentis build has begun!

It’s official. My ingentis build has begun!

Welcome to the club!

The bearing mounts, every ingentis’s first print I think :wink:

They look nice and clean mate!

Thanks! I was actually impressed by the lack of major z artifacts. That’s my main issue with my prusa i2

Nice :slight_smile: I am still calibrating my crap QU-BD printer to start my print.

Can you just measure the diameter of the bearing hole? How close to 22mm should it be? I printed these, but they came out to about 22.84mm diameter and the bearings fit pretty loosely

Mines just about 22 in most directions I may have to trim some off of the top first though

22 spot on here… Aim for that or even up to .05mm undersize as it will seat the bearing nicely… Print a test hollow box / cylinder and measure / calibrate x and y steps