It's not quite an Ingentis,

It’s not quite an Ingentis, but was born from the same sort of idea - Sli3DR Source files are now up on and Github - GitHub - RichRap/Sli3DR: Sli3DR -RepRap 3D Printer design by RichRap

Originally shared by Richard Horne

#Sli3DR files are all released and up on @YouMagine - Enjoy another ‘FreeD’ reprap Printer - Have fun :slight_smile:

Fantastic!! :slight_smile: @Richard_Horne

Great Richard!!! Thanks.

@Richard_Horne Sorry to hear about your disk problems. In future you should remember to back up your files to github and youmagine right away. :wink:

@Shauki , if you want to make all the motors stationary on #QR1500 , the cable arrangement on Sli3DR could do that for you.

@Richard_Horne ​ great job.

If the failed disk was a spinning hard drive give spinrite a crack at it. It has saved data for myself and my family members several times.