It's new Slic3r day again!

It’s new Slic3r day again!

So, let’s hear what you have to say about it… :slight_smile:

Just downloaded, but I’ve been waiting to try the custom toolchange code command (which we requested) for dual extruders. I find that cooling an extruder 5-10 degrees while it’s not in use makes a huge difference for ooze (and it also makes it possible to wipe when switching.

Does the skirt support both extruders yet? That’ll take 75% of the ooze away if you make the skirt go all the way up.

I think it still only does it for the first layer.

Totally fixed the “bumps/pimples” issue awesome!

How does it do this Jay?

@Robin_Gingerich (offset miter limit was changed. I confirmed by reslicing the part I had issues with on 0.9.7 and the slices were perfect :slight_smile:

Slicing is definitely better, did you have to change any settings @Whosa_whatsis as I believe values like retraction were changed. Mine says 1.2 instead of 1.3

It shouldn’t change any of your profile settings, except maybe if you’re using the default ones.