It's here it's here!  Awesome connectors on that PSU.

It’s here it’s here! Awesome connectors on that PSU. Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet - it fit perfectly in my del sol trunk, I didn’t think I was going to get it home until tomorrow. Though, tomorrow is going to be fraught with line-running, and bucket filling, and I think I saw something about this software not running on Windows 10 (certainly not linux!) so I gotta work that out, etc.

Yuusuf has corellaser running on Win10, so you should be okay.

What’s the shipping weight on that? I’m thinking on bringing one from the US next week as luggage

I run LaserDRW on my Windows 10 machine. I don’t run the Corel that shipped with mine because it has a virus in the install package.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty , surprisingly light! I don’t think it is luggage-able though, our airline loaders are notoriously rough on luggage.

Yeah, I had no dramas installing on Win10 Pro & running CorelDraw/CorelLaser. Not too sure if there is a virus in the install package, but I use Win10 for nothing other than LaserCutting so it doesn’t really bother me.

Some of these custom laser softwares trip antivirus software. I’m not sure exactly why but I’m betting it has to do with the way they access the i/o ports.

No problems here with Windows 10…when I had the k40 I have no issues with it.

I have BitDefender as my AV software. It gets tripped on one of the DLLs in the install for Corel. Since that’s pirated software in the first place I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a real virus either by the folks who hacked Corel to create the install or by whoever created the software tool that was used to do the same. Keygen software used to create fake license keys is known for containing malware used to enable remote access to a PC and any others running on the same network. Unless the machine I was using wasn’t attached to the Internet or my home wireless network and I never used it for anything but driving the laser and designing projects I’m not risking a data breach just so I can go direct from Corel to the laser.

I just have the extra step now of going from AI to LaserDRW to the laser and don’t have to worry much about getting hacked.

Okie dokie; works on Windows 10 – I just managed to test out the top left 20mm * 20mm of my laser. It works great :slight_smile:

I loaded up my water with – biocide that I use for my PC water cooling systems. This should keep the water clear and free from needed changing.

@ThantiK ​ if it freezes where you are some antifreeze is warranted if you keep the laser in the garage like me :slight_smile: Seems to keep things from growing in the water too.

@Jim_Hatch , it’s gonna go in the laundry room - but I think I’m going to be adding some aux heat to that room to keep it at 15C minimum.

Antifreeze will help prevent thing growing in the lines. RV antifreeze is recommended if you have young kids or pets. Some people use granular pool chlorine. Never use bleach - it will etch the glass of the tube.

@ThantiK ​ have you tested it yet? I’m battling with myself on either getting a K40 or buying the parts to make something bigger

Tested it. It came with mirrors aligned, already has optical endstops.

@Jim_Hatch I wasn’t aware that LaserDrw allowed importing from AI. I use AI > CorelDraw/CorelLaser > Laser.

For anyone using it, is the LaserDrw software better than the CorelDraw/CorelLaser plugin?

Something that I keep running into is the laser plugin just disappearing on CorelLaser – I often have to restart the damn thing.

@ThantiK I have the same issue with it disappearing from the top right corner, however if you check your System Tray, there will be an icon down there for the plugin that you can run all the commands from by right clicking it.

Same issue disappearing on win 10 64 with corel draw x7 64bit. Not all the time though. It