It's good to be back printing.

It’s good to be back printing. Have had to move house and gave finally got things back up and running. Have both the #FB2020 and the #FB2020+ at home atm as the #FB2020 needs work with all the new parts to be put in. I’m probably going to strip it right down and rebuild it as the build guide needs finishing. Compared to the plus, it’s damn noisy too. Still, happy to have things back working.

Looks cool - however i have a question on the FB2020 series. Why are you using linear rods when you can use the 2020 rails directly with wheels??

If you want to get rid of noise, check this iGus video out

@Dushyant_Ahuja - The FB2020 printers are based off of the Fusebox design, which uses 1515 extrusions, FB2020 - FuseBox 2020, which did the same. The ethos of the Fusebox is to build a CoreXY printer for under $300 in parts. As this is a derivative of that design it was simpler to keep it that way. Admittedly, now it’s pretty much a stand alone printer, as it’s only a few parts that are actually left from the original Fusebox design. I’m planning on upgrading the X & Y to use 10mm rods which should keep things a little less springy, bear in mind these are working prototypes. I’m slowly going through the design and upgrading it. Tbh they give decent results and I’m pretty happy with the way they have turned out.

@Jeff_Dewe - The standard FB is noisier as there’s cracked parts and vibrations, and the plus is running printed nylon bushings instead of bearings. Not forgetting that the plus is running pretty much all the upgraded parts, so is a generation or so beyond the standard FB2020.

Out of curiosity, how have the nylon bushings been holding up? How long have you been running them for?

@Carlos_Porto - they’ve probably run 40-ish hours so far and are running fine. I’m about half way through printing another set of parts for another FB2020 on them and they’re running really smoothly. They’ve been lubricated once and don’t really need to be done again once bedded in, nylon itself is self lubricating.

Thank you for letting me know. That’s really great to hear, seems there is no definitive answer online about how long they last. What kind of lubrication did you end up using?

Just some PTFE spray lubricant.

Great, I have some that on hand, so perfect. :slight_smile: