It's finally finished.. the 3d printed version of my 2015 paper icosahedron,

It’s finally finished… the 3d printed version of my 2015 paper icosahedron, and of course the greatest part of its beauty is on behalf of FastLeD!

Nicely done! Looks super.

Love your trick of printing a stack of modules at once. The rounded bulbs look interesting, but I think I like the all planer version better.

Did anyone else think of the TRON (1982) bit cube? :slight_smile:

I liked the colours best when they were all had a similar hue and then transformed to another hue set, i.e. not just flashing random colours.

Beautiful! I just so happen to be working on a similar project right now. :slight_smile:

Very nice finish! How many leds are in there?

@Franck_Marcotte Video info says 32 leds.

Thnkz everyone!@Marc, yes I continued with the planar version because I like the contrasts of the soft light gradients with the hard shapes better. also the blobs were hard to print.
@Andrew the video is just the first edit in which I edited some color schemes and made them transition into eachother. normally each colorscheme is sortoff within one hue and you can cycle through the schemes with a push button.
@Jason…those are some cool color schemes!! wow! and i really admire your small sphere! must be some dense wiring within.
@franck&Marc… euhr… actually 31 because I didn’t put one in the top cap where the tables comes out because it made some ugly shadows.

It looks beautiful! It’s great that you’ve documented the process as well

I wasn’t sure if it was real or a 3D rendering at first. Really nice.