It's been a productive weekend! Have to file down the holding tabs,

It’s been a productive weekend! Have to file down the holding tabs, then on to the gantry plates!

Love the open hardware symbol!

Thanks! I thought the original lozenge-shaped cutout was a little boring.

They look great. Where do I ship my
Aluminum material to?

Nice work! What bit are you using for these?

@Kelly_Burns ​ it’s a lot of fun cutting aluminum. I need more time to take on jobs though! And there’s the spousal happiness index to consider as well! :smiley:
@Walter_Everett ​ 1/8" 2-flute up cut from drillman1 on ebay.

Once I finish up cutting I’ll post the files (.dxf and .dwg) to openbuilds.

I was just kidding Matt. I currently do not have a working CNC capable. I’m going to build a no frills one with the specific purpose of using it to build its offspring.


Thanks Matt

Nice work. My I ask you if you can share the cam files of this plate?

The cambam files, the .dxf’s and the inventor fusion/fusion360 files are all here:

Thanks a lot.
Actually I am trying to make my first CNC router machine but my stepper motor are nema 23 67 onz/inch so I am looking for less heavy plates. Yours one rocks!!

Hi I download the files. Are them ai inches unit?
Because my cambam actually is is mm.

The cambam files are in inches. Just change the workspace to mm.