It's at this point I ran out of washers....further movement will have to keep

It’s at this point I ran out of washers…further movement will have to keep til I return from vacation. (Like my High-Zoot Carbon Fiber mock-up bearings?)

Two years ago was the year of the Bow and Arrow around here…Pixar’s Brave, The Hunger Games, etc. The kids got a bow for Xmas…used twice.

Looks like it was used for target practice :slight_smile:

Arrowgentius? :wink:

Eeeek, you’ve gotta stiffen up that frame.

Easy there kiddo, I ran out of washers…before I added all of the cross braces. There are still 4 more extrusions to be added…

What type of bushing to you use on them?

Currently igus plastic bearings. How they perform will determine if I continue to use them, or swap them out for something else.

But you’re keeping your carbon-fiber rods, right?

Look closely, they’re Arrows I temporarily stole from my Son’s Bow and arrow set. :wink:

I’m using 10mm ceramic coated aluminum rods currently.

I was asking as I was considering the idea of using carbon fiber tubes for my build (maybe just for the cross) but I have failed to see carbon fiber rods mentioned on the group (maybe it’s a bad idea).

They’re light, but not particularly stiff in arrow diameters…they’re also prone to wear. Folks use em all the time for the arms of deltas, but they wouldn’t make a good bearing surface.

Thanks a lot for the insight @Mike_Miller . You are right, I’ve used them for my deltas and because I have some leftovers I thought I might use them for a mini Eustathios I am building.

Give it a shot! I seems like, with every printer I build, I come closer and closer to being able to make an additional printer for free.

@Mike_Miller if it wasn’t for those pesky electronics & vitamins. :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman I’m a gonna have three printers and one e3d I swap between 'em.

@Mike_Miller v5 or v6? I am about at my wits end with v5 and pla. Problem is I have qty:2 v5 and only qty:1 v6.

They work fine for abs.

V5…my problems go away when I turn off retraction. :wink: