It's alive! I've finally done the first print on my DuetWiFi powered Hypercube and

It’s alive! I’ve finally done the first print on my DuetWiFi powered Hypercube and my what an upgrade it is.

It is sooo quite compared to the RAMPS powered Prusa i3 I’ve upgraded from. The loudest thing on it is the blower fan for part cooling.

My first print was just a 20x20x10 cube, perfect dimensions and you can hardly see the layers at 0.2 layer height.

Just doing a spiral print cylinder and it’s certainly looking smooth.

Got some cable management to do then I’m going to look at adding an enclosure.

Trinamic drivers are 100% awesomeness! That’s a great board.

Duet Wifi rocks.

Is the hypercube worth the build? Been thinking about making one

I have the same question as @rubin_kingma ​. Is it worth it? Right niw I have a Cobblebot with like 30x30x30cm Print volume, but the print quality kind of sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Which kind of bushings do you use? The nylon or impregnated brass version?
Would be nice to hear some experience from you about the reliability together with the aluminum rods.

@rubin_kingma @Tom_Cin I would say yes it is worth it, but as with everything the quality will very much depend on the parts you use. I got my extrusion cut accurately for me, I have decent stepper motors, precision shafts from igus, an e3d v6 and titan extruded. All controlled by a Duet WiFi with 7" touch screen with PanelDue. The quality I’m getting (only done a few test prints so far) is leagues ahead of what I was getting with the Prusa i3 (which I thought was pretty good) with the same hot end and extruder.

@Sven_Eric_Nielsen I’m using PTFE lined bushings with the precision aluminium rods from igus. I’m very smooth, silent movement with no sticking and pretty much zero play on the x carriage. As I do more test prints, tweaks I will post updates here.

Awesome, right now im working with a highly modified mendelmax with e3d v6 and titan all running on duetwifi.
Very pleased.
What material are your printed parts?

@rubin_kingma ​ currently PLA with 50% infill. My first job will be to reprint all the parts in PETG

@Sven_Eric_Nielsen these are the bushings I’m using

Awesome info, could you share where you got the aluminium bars from igus?
Or was it a direct purchase from them?

@rubin_kingma yes direct from igus as they precision cut to length. 10mm x 360mm @ £8.79 each.

im allready using some igus products (just drop in replacements) and im starting to like this company more and more!