It's a little hard for me to classify this post, so support it is.

It’s a little hard for me to classify this post, so support it is. I’ve got a Particle Photon driving a strip of LEDs and pre-programmed a bunch of patterns into it for different times of the year that use the FastLED library to display. Up until today I’ve just been running color palettes for the most part, but I thought I’d add a new function where the strip could be set to any color, based on the touched area of an image, by way of a canvas color check using the MIT app inventor.

The Android app itself gets the hex color value based on where a finger has touched the image. I parse it in the app to send a string to the Photon formatted as “0x000000”. The Photon then takes that string, converts it to a hex value and feeds it to the fill_solid function of FastLED before displaying it to the strip.

I’m getting somewhat inconsistent results though. The colors it’s able to display (or that it understands) seem very limited and while in this particular mode (vs the other patterns I’ve laid out) it’s SUPER slow to respond when I try to change to another color. It’s as if there’s some other function or loop running that’s causing it to choke. I’m fairly certain this is nothing Photon specific, but I’m not ruling it out. Here’s the entirety of my code, the gist of which is this: My app sends a changeMode command to tell it to use the fill_solid function based on whatever currentColor is set. Then the app sends a changeColor command to update that currentColor. Also, there’s a twinkle, but that’s workin fine.