It took me about 6 hours but I got my machine up and running

It took me about 6 hours but I got my machine up and running and made a few cuts using Corellaser. Am I right in thinking that the only way to control laser power is with the knob? Is there no software control? Could someone restate what my software options are if I keep the stock control board?

I am also curious what the plugs are on the back of my machine. They have wires connected to them coming from the power supply.

With the stock board you are only able to control the power with the knob. With the stock board you can use either corellaser or laserdraw. The plugs in the back are for accessories like a water pump.

I recently unpacked my K40 and had the same questions. I have not yet tested them, but they are labeled as 100v out. I suspect they used non-US (European?) outlets. Again, I haven’t tested their power output yet, but I suspect they do indeed put 110v out, and converting them to US receptacles is probably OK (and then plugging the fan and water pump into them), but with no docs on how much current they can safely draw, I will probably not bother with them.

The outlets on the back are tied straight to the main (rocker) power switch, which in turn is tied straight to your house main. So you get out whatever you put in.

They’re actually weird dual sockets that will take both Euro (like my water pump) or US (like my exhaust blower) plugs.

@Nedman yes you are only able to control the power via the knob I’ve been using laserdraw and its not that bad as people make it seem the more i use it the easier it gets. I definitely want to upgrade the board to be able to use open software.

In order to get the software to control the power, would I also have to upgrade the power supply?

No, stock power supply are fine. The only thing you need to change is the control board. Like to a Choesion3D. The new control board will let you use other software like Laserweb which lets you control power.

@Nedman I am dieing to get my hands on a choesion3

Can someone suggest a place to purchase the Choesion3D and do you need any kits to connect it to the K40?

It’s pretty much plug and play. Great google group here for support. @raykholo the creator of the cohesion3d is the mod.

current control for laser power is on my todo list. Ill be looking into moding the k40 whisperer software to add a more server oriented interface, then to add options via arguments for things like power level.