It sorta works. It has a tendency to produce gcode files which are too

It sorta works. It has a tendency to produce gcode files which are too large; this runs the browser out of memory. The fewer faces on your model the better.

Hmm, went to loading and is now stuck there no matter what I do.

Looks great. But we should really try to make more compact gcode files. The smaller the better. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s an active concern.


Dang. Firefox strikes again. I’ll be glad when Mozilla finally buries it. They announced they’re replacing their engine with Chromium’s.

nope, Firefox is frozen. Chromium worked but I got errors for the Gcode generation for a file I downloaded for testing.

I just tried and it does seem to work, but the Gcode was offset oddly. It’s sort of confusing how to use it though?

Offset: jscut’s code assumes the paths are from SVG so inverts Y. That will be an easy fix.

Confusing: I need ideas on how to make it more straightforward. There’s more for the user to twiddle than with than the SVG flow. I tried to make the latter part of the flow like jscut’s for people who are familiar with it, but even it has some necessary differences.

Firefox is now working again until it breaks next time. It took them an eternity to release “let” out of beta; it’s astounding the things they still don’t support (e.g. TypedArray.sort()) except in beta.

Offsetting is now fixed.