It seems that Three.js is not working very well on Linux.

It seems that Three.js is not working very well on Linux. All 3 of my Linux machines have issues rendering the the gcode file. When I hold the mouse to drag, flickering happens and I can tell that the rendering is there. Some lines are just not showing up at all.

Windows 8 chrome works. Windows 7 chrome works as well.

When I added the shadows for the tool head is that when things started acting weird? I use a shader algorithm so it’s possible that’s the problem. I could add an option to turn off shadows.

Having an option to turn it off would definitely allow us to test if that is the case.

Oh… have the same issue with flickering but thought it was related to my graphics driver as I did switch to Nvidia drivers a week ago… +1 to make the shadows optional :slight_smile:

It is your drivers and hardware because it looks perfect on my Windows 8.1 laptop and Windows 8 desktop. However, WebGL is so bleeding-edge, I’m not surprised there’s platform anomalies. I knew the shader trick I was using was pushing the outer limits. So sounds like it’s gotta be optional.

I have used it fine on linux as well. Must be drivers.