It seems that Chilipeppr never responds to me trying to slow down the feedrate

It seems that Chilipeppr never responds to me trying to slow down the feedrate on the software. Nor does it react to a “Pause” Button being clicked. Any thoughts on this?

Can you post a screenshot or provide much greater information than what you’ve provided? 1000’s of people use ChiliPeppr every month without issue, so it would greatly help for you to describe in more detail what you are experiencing.

I’m having the same problem. I am using chilipeppr with an x-carve. I cannot stop or pause once it has started cutting. My other problem is I cannot control my spindle, I have to manually turn it on. That leaves me at full power and no logic control.

@Douglas_Drake if you’re on an x-carve then I assume you’re on Grbl (although you didn’t say). The controller that ships with x-carve doesn’t automatically control the spindle, so that’s not a problem with ChiliPeppr. That’s a limit of your equipment. When you say can’t stop or pause, what do you mean? You have to click feedhold in the Grbl widget. You can also tie feedhold to the pause button in the Gcode widget if that’s what you’re referring to.

@Bill_Dussault I’m now guessing you’re on Grbl rather than TinyG. That means you DON’T have dynamic feed rate control because Grbl doesn’t support that. If you’re on TinyG then you do have dynamic feed rate control during a job run. I will say having dynamic feed rate control is AMAZING and once you have it you never want to go back to anything less.

I know if I run easel I can control the spindle rpm. But I guess your saying if I run chilipeppr I’m just going to have to spend the money And either upgrade to a tinyg or spindle controller.

@Douglas_Drake if you can control the spindle from Easel, then it is doing it thru your Grbl controller, so it should work the same in ChiliPeppr because that’s standard Gcode. So, actually, yes it should work fine for you. ChiliPeppr actually has nothing to do with it then because it just passes along the gcode.

The only program I’ve tried “trial” is meshcam to generate the gcode and it does everything great BUT spindle control.

Thanks for responding. I am using the tinyG and I’m curious on how to slow the machine down. Not the spindle but the feed rate of the machine. I found myself cutting some 16 gauge aluminum and going a bit too fast. I tried to click on the “lower feedrate” buttons but it stayed the same speed. I then tried to pause it which also did not work.
Hope that helps

You need to let the commands already in the 32 slot planner buffer get processed before you see the feed rate change kick in