It’s been some time since posting progress.

(Chris Rees) #1

It’s been some time since posting progress. Here is my new board powered by the teensy3.2. Still running fastLED/OctoWS2811. Software is sending e1.31

(Will Tatam) #2

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(Will Tatam) #3

What software are you using to send the e1.31? How many LED?!

(Chris Rees) #4

The software is lightorama - with imported xlights sequences. Leds are 400 per Matrix and the tree is 600. I used 6 of the controllers. Each controller can do up to 32 universes but the show was created with one universe per port so it’s only running 8 universes per controller

(Will Tatam) #5

Those are some very big numbers! You are saying over 600 pixels on a single line at that point aren’t you, or have I messed up my maths?

(Chris Rees) #6

@Will_Tatam Yes. The controllers can handle 32 universes 680 Pixels Max per port. In this setup we reduced the pixels to 170 per port since the previous controllers were setup that way. I could have used just two controllers but would have to zigzag the setups with injection etc. Instead we kept it easy and used 6 controllers with a total of 48 ports each with their own power and no injection (4 of which were not used) In my testing I setup xlights and jinx with the full universe configuration and test with the 25 FPS and 40 FPS and verify the results with a FPS check in code. With serial monitoring I can see that I capture all 32 universes with hardly ever a drop or miss. All was well for the most part until this project when encountering LightOrama software sends e1.31 differently then xlights and jinx. LOR seems to only send universe data that is changing and in a non sequential order . I had my controllers set to watch for the last universe before framing but in LOR setup this was not good. Instead I had to rewrite the detection and framing based off of sequence, loop counts and calculated framing just in case LOR did not send all universes.

(James Callahan) #7

I’m curious about the boards you are using as power busses. Are those custom PCBs? Some of my projects are getting bigger and I need a better way to handle power distro. Your setup is really nice and clean. Would you mind describing your power setup?

(Chris Rees) #8

@James_Callahan yes these are custom PCBs basically I’m taking RJ 45 connection from the cat six cable feed from the controller and breaking it out to individual four ports. I got two parallel Power planes top and bottom with the power being fused over to the power pin. Visit I have a picture on the main page that should show little more detail of the layout. I did place a large 1000 UF capacitor to help .

(Stuart Taylor) #9

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