It is my first time I need to switch from my beloved reliable low

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It is my first time I need to switch from my beloved reliable low consumption low cost SaintFlint extruder to the famous BondTech for using on the OpenMultiBot. Reasons for that is that the span the bot travels is about 1.3 m. For such a case the extruder either should be hanging or be a direct one. SaintFlint uses a back loop which makes both solutions either difficult or ugly.
If to mount BondTech directly I would do it on the hotend neck because all my builds (and this one) hold the hotend from its radiator.
Do you know a suitable version for this case compatible with Bondtech?

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Ooooohhhh, you’re getting fancy even for me @shauki ; I’ve never owned a bondtech :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered a normal printed geared extruder like the old Wades? These were low-cost and were my first foray into extruding filament.

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Not fancy, simply they made the design available and I could make my own: matters is that the magic gears are available at low cost. Old wades too big and do not look as nice as those in the picture above :wink:

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Oh wow, I hadn’t checked the cost of the gears lately. When Bondtech was first getting started, the extruder was like $200, and the gears were sold for like $165. $27 for a pair of gears is a really good deal…I might jump on that.

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some time back I was experimenting with a direct drive dual hobb extruder similar to the saint flint… it works great and much better to a single hobb and is much cheaper than the bondtech.


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BMG should be a good choice for you. It’s a phenomenal extruder. Never regretted spending the money on mine.

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@ekaggrat_singh_kalsi the person who invented it simply was not so greedy as I did using one flint: with two flints making longer grip along the shaft this trick becomes doable. Fantastic !
@Griffin_Paquette I would never dare if I could not order from ali the magic gears for $3 :wink: