It didn't last long but I'm tired of waiting for belts so I made

It didn’t last long but I’m tired of waiting for belts so I made some makeshift ones to at least see some life.


о нет… вертикальное видео D:

Ya I decided to be one of those people

If thats my break in gcode looks like you are running 32microsteps. I have mine at 16 because 32 limited my top speeds due to stuttering. Hence why the travel is so small. If you stick with 32 steps then you will need to double the steps/mm in my marlin.

Great to see another HercuLien moving.

Oh that explains that…so I either remove a jumper or double the steps?

Yup. I had trouble over 150mm/s with 32microsteps. Sometimes even slower if there is a lot of short sections like circular parts, or If I designed the part with a lot of fillets.

Those are just printer moves right not printing? 150mm/sec seems so fast to be reliably printing at

It depends on the size part. I print at 150+ regularly when doing really big parts. For a 20x20 cube… Yeah 150 would rattle some bolts loose :wink: