Issue with SKR V1.3

I do have a strange issue with my SKR V1.3 and I’m using Marlin Up to yesterday it worked perfecty, But starting today it stops after having received around 1500 to 2000 G-codes. After this number of commands the board does no longer respond. It’s just plain dead and only a reset will start is again. I already replaced the flash card with the firmware but that made no difference. I’m really at a loss. Is there any debug firmware that performs a hardware check?

Are you streaming gcode over USB? Does it do the same thing printing gcode from sd card?

Yes, I’m streaming over USB. I use either the serial I/O orUSB. Both have the same behavior. I don’t have SD support enabled. Anyway, it seems I now spotted the issue. All of a sudden I get a “Thermal runaway…” which stops the FW. I now remember that this morning I had a cold soldering at the PTC which did not start my print (temp -15C indicating a broken connection). Resoldered and started to print. So I thought it was ok. Maybe I just have another issue with the cable.

It might be a dreaded “double coincidence”. It just looks like the heating does not longer keep pace with the printer speed. I’m pretty sure it was heating also much faster before. I’ll try printing with lower speed first. Next I’ll exchange the heating cartidge.

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Yep. Reducing the print speed helped and the print went on - except much slower. I’ll change the heat cardrige tomorrow…

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It makes sense that a bad heater cartridge can result in “thermal runaway” warning — the firmware just knows that it isn’t sensing the block heating up as it “expects” and has no way of knowing whether the temperature measurement is bad or the block actually isn’t heating. I’ve seen this failure mode.

Eureka! It was the thermal sensor that had shaken loose. It looked good, but it wasn’t. Simple reason, once you know it :slight_smile: