Isis wings in action!  Not the greatest video, just my messy living room,

Isis wings in action! Not the greatest video, just my messy living room, but I have choreographed the LEDs to the song and it looks amazing in person. Thanks to all y’all for all the help with code and modes!

Those came out fantastically!

This looks amazing! I love the yellow-to-violett fire animation at How did you sync the effects to the music?

Fantastic! You’d be a real hit at Mardi Gras.

love it! especially

I synched the effects mostly through a very long trial-and-error process of adjusting delays. Right now I have to push the button exactly at the right moment to start the mode running so it syncs up. I really want to devise a way to start the music and the lights at the same moment with one button on one device.

Any advice on this front is appreciated. I’ve got a bluetooth chip in the wings so I can theoretically start the lights with my Nexus 7, and also play the music from my Nexus 7, but I don’t know how to send the “play” command to both at the same time.

(I’ve been performing for WAY too long to trust both a DJ hitting play and long-press on a membrane switch to actually happen at exactly the same moment, reliably…)

Has anyone done this?

I did this for my sister’s wedding dress. I used an arduino with a msgeq7 shield and a nrf24l01 radio attached with an audio jack to the dj’s system then send eq setting and ‘mode’ settings to the dress.

Haley’s dress is

Simone’s pants (synced) were

The ‘dress transmitter’ was at

Then I used a little bluetooth slide presenter/keyboard attached to a laptop to change settings. It was a hack, but has worked perfectly lots of times.

I applauded at the end IRL.

woah, I just realized that you used fiber optic cloth. wow, wow, wow. very cool! where did you source it?

i hope you goto burning man : )

@Zeke_Koch ​ It’s actually not fiber optic cloth. Just iridescent fabric… but it really gives that fiber optic glowing effect when the LEDs hit it.

And thanks for posting that solution. So were you pushing the mode changes from the BT slide presenter as the music played? Or was it all automated?

I have a couple of sound reactive animations, but the mode switches were manual (via Bluetooth). I started to go down the DMX route but decided this was more easily achievable in the time that I had.

Setting a threshold on the base and changing on that (after some time) would make it seem more time synced.

“oh, this old thing?” :slight_smile:

@Zeke_Koch Thanks for sharing your wireless code, I would love to see the installations in action. @Erin_St_Blaine Great work!

Hi John, you can see it in this video around