Is this the right spot??? How do I calibrate LaserWeb4 to get accrate distances.

Is this the right spot???
How do I calibrate LaserWeb4 to get accrate distances. When I move 1cm the actual distance I move is 3cm. Im sure there is a Simple way to adjust for belt and pully differences. Pull 20 teeth and 2mm pitch.

160 steps/mm ustepping 16.
BTW, that value should be done on your board firmware, not LW

Thanks, thats what I was not sure of. I appreciate the help. So the setting is in GRBL 1.1


Is there an IDE I should use to make the adjustment? Will it be easy to locate?I’m not a programmer.

Nevermind I found it

@Chip_Estrada - Open A Serial Monitor to the GRBL board with the Arduino IDE . Type “$$” and hit enter - it will dump all the GRBL settings to the screen. I believe $100 and $101 are the X and Y steps per mm. Reference this for all the settings:

So I figured this out on my own, the configuration is done to GRBL but not from an IDE or other editor. It most definitely is done from within LaserWeb. You enter the gcode to make the adjustments from the command line area in the bottom right of the window, then set it by entering <shift+enter> there seem to be people in here with more confidance in their abilities than the actual ability to ignore a question they can’t actually answer correctly. So seeing as I was only getting vauge non descriptive answers to my questions, I decided to use my engineering degrees and some down time to research my questions correctly.
This group seems to have more bravado then actual help. It’s sad that people have to be subjected to insipid personalities and empty answers instead of knowledgeable and well constructed answers to their questions.
My advice to everyone is if you do not know the complete answer and do not understand the the process all the way through, do not give an answer. You waste your time and the time of the individual asking for help.
The replies i received seemed tainted with annoyance, if you are bothered by stupid questions, you should avoid helping people who have little or no experience in what they are asking for assistance with. Not everyone can be a teacher.

I have tight tollerances and accuracy now. For some reason LaserWeb4 doesn’t work in Mint 18.2, but does work in Ubuntu with a few bugs that I will try to figure out.
LW4 is a good basic program for getting ones feet wet, but its buggy and lacks support.

And free.