Is this actually the right community for writing open source CNC tools?

Is this actually the right community for writing open source CNC tools?
What is everyone else developing?

It is the right community although there doesn’t seem to be much development work happening. Saying that @Anders_Wallin always seems to be up to something!

If you are a professional developer maybe you could lead any work you are interested in an ask people to join?

There is maybe a handful of people who might reply with something sensible on cnczone. Many of these cnczone projects seem to develop into semi-commercial things (i.e. paypal donations required/wanted), and are tailored for a specific job (e.g. V-carving, PCB-routing).

The same goes for the LinuxCNC (EMC2) mailing-list - if you write something sensible and ask something specific, preferably with running gpl-code as an attachment, people might be interested or reply.

If you are serious about developing non-axial tool projections in C++ under GPL then it would be great if they can be added to opencamlib.

I didn’t do any C++ in years and honestly wouldn’t know how to do the GUI.
I’m currently prototyping a 4 and 5 axis CAM program.
Just wrote the trigonometry and inverse kinematic last night.
I hope to be able to test my idea this night.
If it actually works, I’ll upload the code, write some introduction on how it works (code is already documented).
I’m still unsure how to detect the tool shaft and collet colliding with a part of the geometry. I just have a simple strategy how to react of such a collision is detected.
So if it works at all it will only work for convex objects at this point.