Is this a problem?

Is this a problem? It takes a ton of force to make the holder flat. Printed on a MakerGear M2 with PLA, 3 shells, 80 percent infill.

My guess is your ID came in undersized. The part should not open up that far… So the bearing to ID tolerances are off. You could reprint adjusting the settings to get a better fit, or ream the ID to fit better.

@Eclsnowman Ok, I can’t reprint the part, and this means that all of my parts are off… Could I heat gun the bearing/part or use Ethyl Acetate? (Or something like that forgot what it’s called) to melt the PLA?

Try heat first, but one problem you might run into is that now the bearing isn’t held at the proper distance from the Extrusion so you will get slight amount of binding at top and bottom and bowing of the vertical rods in the middle.

Ok, I’ll try that tomorrow, I could also put the bearing in and then heat the part so the plastic stretches at the stress points.

@Eclsnowman Thanks for the help, if I do decide to ream, what size should I ream to?

Measure the OD of the bearing and ream to just under that

Ok Thanks, I cant tune the printers (there my schools) so ill just edit the model and make the hole a bit bigger

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher, or whoever manages the printers. I can’t see them having any issues letting you adjust settings if the printer is off. They probably don’t have the time and no one else has noticed. In the long run it will probably be easier than modifying all the models

Won’t the reamer ream out to exactly the OD of your bearing? But the bigger problem is going to be getting the reamer setup concentric to the hole you want to ream out. To save time on a reprint, iterate more quickly by taking a smaller section of your actual part to get the ID correct.

The ranger should find the center of the existing hole. Either use a hand drill with the part in a vice, or hill the part free while the reamer is in a drill press