Is this a good filament? Was special price.

Is this a good filament? Was special price.

Haven’t used it, but I’m interested in how it works out.

I use it but mostly Prima select (black box) thats so good I get it from Denmark

Prima is way better than avarage

I wish all companies would use clear plastic spool holders, so annoying when you cant tell how much is left on the roll.

I don’t know about their PLA but I have used loads of their PETG which is great.

Daniel have you tested it so far?

Yesterday only calibration cube, because of problems with to low temperature. In My printer this PLA needs 220 °C. I will write more after weekend.

There’s many legitimate formulations of PLA, some need higher heat than others, 220° isn’t outlandish. Some grades recommend 230°C or so.

I use 214c on a um2+ .4 tip no banding and looks real good

3DPrima flex - Open RC F1 Car tire. Printed with 220°c, 0,2mm layer height and 40mm/s outer shell, 3dator bowden extruder.
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@Daniel_Kusz thank you!

@Sucuk_my_dicc I can tell that Prima 3D is a good filament. I mean PLA and FLEX. I think about order one more PETG and ABS spool (10 euro for one spool). In next days I will compare Flex with another flex filament - Fiberflex from polish Fiberlogy. Prima 3D Flex is very dull/mat and causes stringing. This are some disadvantages but quality of print is very good. And it’s easy to print.