Is there anyplace to go to download Slic3r configurations that work well?

Is there anyplace to go to download Slic3r configurations that work well? I’m having a hard time getting decent prints with pretty much anything I run. It’s getting quite frustrating…

I have issues getting a solid first layer. Prints stick fine but there are gaps. I’ve tried various combinations of speeds and temps, fan/no fan, etc. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m trying to get my printer (Pritrbot Simple Metal) as calibrated as possible before I start printing really useful things that I can use around the house.

So basically the jist is this: Slic3r should look great with mostly default settings (nozzle size, filament size, etc excluded) - If you’re trying to go in and change a bunch of slic3r settings to get things looking right, you’re likely already at the wrong place.

Start with a full calibration from the firmware level. Calibrate your e-steps-per-mm, (guide here: – Keep in mind it’s a little different on the printrbot. Less modifying of configuration.h files, and more doing M92 Exxxx and saving the parameter.

IIRC, the Printrbot Simple Metal comes mostly calibrated (was it a kit?).

Pictures are also the fastest way to get help here. Take them, post them all in a single post and more people will come rushing to help. :smiley:

Personally I set my first layer ‘squished’ a bit by modifying the z offset in the printer tab. There are also first layer settings and advanced settings for extrusion width.

The official manual on also has first layer tips.

@ThantiK ​​ it was a kit I assembled. For the most part I think my motors are ok. I tweaked my motors a tad to get rid of some jitter. I’ll try reverting back to defaults to see what happens.