is there anyone in colorado or utah that could help me get a prusa

is there anyone in colorado or utah that could help me get a prusa mendel running? I have had 3 of them for a long time (about a year) and got so frustrated that i stopped trying to get them to work and put them in storage. I have not done any printing in about a year now. I built a makerbot cupcake that i sourced all the parts myself about 2 years ago (i think it was the 7th self sourced cupcake ever built) so i have a bit of previous experience and i printed the prusa mendel parts on that printer. the printers that i have are fully assembled with a leveled heated platform. I just dont know what software to use, what or how to modify the firmware and what to use to slice models. I am great with the hardware but dont have a clue when it comes to software.

the boards i have are a bit older but they should still be ok i think (they are RAMPS 1.2 boards with the sd card) everything is built, wired and set up (i have 2 types of extruders, geared makergear extruders and regular Wades) the nozzle options i have are makergear heated ends or lulzbot heated end.

you can find my account on thingiverse and on flickr to see some of the stuff that i made a few years ago in addition to the mendel parts i printed with my cupcake.

I would really like to get these running soon and will be in utah (SLC) at the end of the month or can go to the denver/front range after that.
I can trade you some of my photos for your time and a set of printed prusa mendel parts if you would like. check out my albums here or go to to see my photography.

I also have a CNC mill and a 2’x3’ CNC Router if you need anything made on them I would gladly do whatever i can in return for any help.

I might be able to help. I am in Salt Lake City and I have a Prusa Mendel but I use gen6 electronics. I will have to do some research and. See if the software I use will work with ramps 1.2.

I would recomend Marlin firmware. There are lots of guides online walking you through the installation and configuration e.g.
for software slic3r and pronterface are very popular.

Disregard the part about steps per mm “calibration” in that article. The only proper values are the ones calculated from the motor’s steps per rev (and microstepping), the pulley’s number of teeth and the belt pitch.

@Thomas_Sanladerer E steps need to be calibrated.

@Miles_Wilford while I agree on E’s steps per mm, I still haven’t seen a case where the belt was tensioned enough to have the steel, kevlar or glass fibre inlays measurably stretch. Of course, they always marginally stretch, but if you set your steps/mm by some value you measured, you’ll always introduce inaccuracies far larger than the belt’s pitch could possibly change. Especially when people are using “calibration” cubes to set them.

@Thomas_Sanladerer Yeah, I retract the part about x and y

/tips virtual hat/

I’m in the Denver area so if you want help just ping me through a private message and I’ll see what I can do.