Is there anybody who connected the Makerbase display to a Printrboard?

(Kurt Meister) #1

Is there anybody who connected the Makerbase display to a Printrboard? Did that work without too much hassle?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

@Eclsnowman may or may not have.

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

I have not done it with a printrboard, but I have done it with Ramps, Smoothieboard, C3D mini and remix as well as MKS. As long as it has a serial port breakout it is easy, 4 wires to TX,RX,5V, and GND

(Eric Lien) #4

I have but you have to recompile the firmware to enable uart serial, and solder on some pins to aux pads on the board.

Look at the files here:

(Eric Lien) #5

Also once you enable it in firmware, the usb to computer print function no longer functions. You can only print via SD after the upgrade.

(Kurt Meister) #6

@Eclsnowman @funinthefalls @raykholo Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

(Kurt Meister) #7

@Eclsnowman Without USB how can I adjust the distance between nozzle and printbed? Eg. M212 Z-0.35

(Eric Lien) #8

You can make custom buttons with gcodes in the lcd. Thats what I did.

Also create gcodes and run them from the SD.

(casey dunn) #9

Has to be a printrboard G2, Rev/F# won’t have enough memory for a graphic display?

(Eric Lien) #10

@casey_dunn Nope, the screen runs completely independent. It acts as a host, and talks over serial. I am running it on a standard printr board rev.F myself.

(Joseph Ronie) #11

I have it connected to my mks sbase 1.3. It was very easy to set up.

(Kurt Meister) #12

@Eclsnowman I tried to load your custom “mks_config.txt” and the pics onto the device. It looks like the screen orientation is not set correctly and some parts are distorted.

To get further I did the following:
I flashed the device with the files from “TFT28_32_v3.0.2 /Examples/classic_EN_red/”. In the “mks_config.txt” I also replaced the lines after “Function Customization” with the settings from your file.

Then I got three unlabeled buttons. Is that correct? I think I missed something…

  1. Usually I call M501 to get the actual value.

Will the display report back the whole list of settings?

  1. Then I enter M212 and the new Z value like Z-0.25.

How do you set this Z offset to a specific value?

  1. Store the value with M500 - this one was easy :wink:
    missing/deleted image from Google+
(Eric Lien) #13

Doesn’t look like you have my images loaded correctly. Unzip this folder and put these two files and one folder in the root directory of the SD cardmissing/deleted image from Google+

(Eric Lien) #14

Sorry, I am at the cabin and not near a computer. I can only check a few things from my phone.

(Kurt Meister) #15

@Eclsnowman The files mentioned above, are they the same as the ones from YouMagine?

My first try was with these files located in the root of the SD card…

(Eric Lien) #16

@Kurt_Meister when you put these files on the root of the sdcard inside the lcd, then reboot… It will say it is loading the firmware, config, and image bin files during boot.

Unzip this zip file into the root of the lcd sd card then reboot:

(Kurt Meister) #17

@Eclsnowman I did the mentioned procedure several times. But all I got was a flipped and distorted menu.

(Eric Lien) #18

Hmm, not sure why. Perhaps try the latest files on the mks github for the LCD. The major changes I made were the graphics anyway. My config file changes could be added to the latest base files from there. You just won’t get my graphics, which should be fine. If all you want is the “more” buttons, just copy the .bin images from my version into yours to overwrite just those files.

(Kurt Meister) #19

@Eclsnowman After replacing the default images and the config files with yours the “More” screen looks better. :slight_smile:

Now I’m a bit puzzeled by your “M code”: You are calling “M306 Z0”. But this function [1] seems not be supported by Marlin. I expected a M212 command with a Z compensation followed by M500.


(Eric Lien) #20

@Kurt_Meister sorry, yeah. I use this lcd on several different printers. That button is from a smoothie compatible one.