Is there any videos out how to write ups for laser web,

Is there any videos out how to write ups for laser web, and/or setting up and troubleshooting? I found laserweb to be fairly self explanatory, but some weird stood was going on. Dxf that I drew would not load properly, only svg. I also saw that system. I did see there is a workaround for that listed with other documentation.

I looked through the quick setup guide, and it was mostly wayyyyy above my head. Any recommendations for learning programming skills

For some reason when running gcode, created by laser web, it would pause and I would have to hit resume it to make it move to the next cut.

I’m really jealous of all the guys in here with mad computer programming skills… Where or how did you guys learn it?

+Peter van der Walt I have been using fusion 360 pretty much. I don’t remember seeing poly lines on there, will game to do some more experimentation

+Peter van der Walt thanks

I was referring to all the work you guys do on laser web, it looks exciting coming up with new features almost daily

For Vectric Dxf generation you need to convert arcs to bezier curves to get what you want

Sorry my first post wasn’t that clear. I have laser web already. I was just wondering if there was a “walk through” or if its like chilipeppr, just takes some time to figure out how to make it do what you want:-)

I have vectric desktop also, but fusion seems more natural to me, and it’s faster to do dimensionally correct parts