Is there any chance that in the future this could run from a web

Is there any chance that in the future this could run from a web server instead of being installed locally? And communicate to the local device with a shim installed in the browser the way does?

I for one find the local install with the .bat startup/update script much better. Every time you load it’s all updated.

The reason I asked was this: There are now many devices (:cough: ESP-8266) which make connecting machines to the local network easy and stunningly cheap. I’m interested in making a TTL to Wifi shim that would allow any device which previously connected via a TTL to USB shim just appear on the local net. The shim could then be told to present a 302 redirect or just a link to a specified URL for any new connection. If the device was a laser cutter, the URL configured into the shim could be to the hosted version of LaserWeb. E.g. the server just provides the files and gets the local IP from the link or redirect. LaserWeb could then communicate via TCP/IP to the local device while appearing in your browser. That makes any browser in your home (including e.g. tablets) capable of running the laser.

And… with a small extra step of passing the data through the server, from anywhere in the world. E.g. instead of presenting a link to a URL, the shim /contacts/ that URL and registers the device on the server. Then the server handles authentication and passes data back and forth between your browser and the device.

Problem with server or cloud based computing for a relatively small number of users is that there is the distinct possibility of server outages which then effectively shuts down all users , not just one. As well, many people are going to fork this and then customize it to their needs, hard to do that with cloud based (but not impossible)

Great minds think alike… glad to see someone is doing that (sort of) already.

I don’t know how I’d get any work done in my shop (not actually a garage, but a workshop) if I didn’t have internet. But to each his own.

@Eclsnowman we were told not to do the pull in the batch file, I think the wiki got changed because that was where everybody got the idea… :frowning:

@Steve_Anken was there a reason not to do it? It sure works slick.

I did it for a client and it was slick but it broke in the middle of a job he was doing late at night. Peter fixed it super fast then told us not to do that, so, I don’t do it. :slight_smile:

Network/Internet access is common place not only in industry but hobbyists/DIY as well. I haven’t been in a makerspace yet that didn’t have access and most commercial shops I’ve been in (even in Shenzhen) have access.

There are plenty of reasons to not use externally hosted apps in manufacturing but access to the outside isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) one of them. I see the best way to use LW is how I use Octoprint. Put it on a Pi at the machine and control/monitor from one machine or locally from the Pi.

Or you can host LW on one server, make the file from that, and then pull the complete project to your RPi instance or whatever you’re using to drive the machine…