Is there any am335x summary,

Is there any am335x summary, what has found it’s way into 3.9 and what’s left? @Matt_Porter_mdp

nothing, everything

I mean, EDMA stuff ( wasn’t pulled :frowning: Or do I see it wrong.

It indeed wasn’t pulled

@Matt_Porter_mdp do you know what the merge status is?

@Yegor_Yefremov couldn’t get response from DT maintainers on those portions so am33xx edma dmaengine didn’t make 3.9. It’ll be rebased on -rc1.

@Yegor_Yefremov @Jason_Kridner I haven’t been following the big picture of am33xx much as I’ve been mostly working on DRA7xx recently…probably @Koen_Kooi will have the best summary once he constructs a 3.9 beagle kernel tree.

oh, before somebody screams…I always give am33xx edma dmaengine stuff priority as I need to update the series or poke people…just am33xx, in general, is not a daily focus for me.

@Andrew_Bradford given that the lifecycle of SoCs like this is longer than mobile processors, I’m not sure your implication holds here. It’s a reasonable concern though.

@Andrew_Bradford well, given that I know roughly what was being done at RTM for am33xx, it comes as no surprise to me at all that we are in this position 5 merge windows later. Factor in the state of all the existing drivers that weren’t up to standards and the result becomes clear. I wouldn’t expect much different on future parts.

will be there by the next LTK, eh? :slight_smile:

@denix LOL :slight_smile: