Is there another good source for the 8mm and 10mm sintered bronze press-fit bearings?

(Bryan Weaver) #1

Is there another good source for the 8mm and 10mm sintered bronze press-fit bearings? Or maybe a good alternative? I’m having a tough time finding anywhere with both 8mm and 10mm in stock. Plus, SDP/SI’s shipping and handling charge for 8 10mm bearings is $17. I’d really like to avoid spending $80 on 12 bearings if possible…

(Igor Kolesnik) #2

Robotdigg has those. 8, 10, 12 in selfgrafite.

(Bryan Weaver) #3

I assume the STL’s will need to be modified a bit to accept those bearings?

(Mike Thornbury) #4

Igus plastic bushings -less wear, slipperier and cheaper.

‘Plastic’ isn’t really a good descriptive term… They are engineered poly, designed for that exact job.

I’ve been experimenting with their other bushes and bearings -very impressive. They will send you samples and they have a great 3D printing application guide. Good tech support, as well.

(Bryan Weaver) #5

Which iglide bushings specifically would you suggest? There’s about a million different options…

(Mike Thornbury) #6

What size are your existing ones? Find the replacement size for those. The web site has a comprehensive filter function. Failing that, post a question to their tech support -they are helpful and prompt.

(Bryan Weaver) #7

Nothing existing, I’ve just started sourcing parts. First 2 shipments arriving today! :smiley:

I was looking for something close to the press-fit bearings listed in the BOM so that I don’t have to modify any STLs. Maybe someone here already has some modified files to accept some alternate bearings…

(Mike Thornbury) #8

Igus will likely have a compatible part.

(Eric Lien) #9

The bronze bushings are self aligning (keep that in mind).

Here are other sources:

(Eric Lien) #10

Also you could use ones like @Walter_Hsiao ​ from robotdigg, but take care, bronze bushings are sensitive to misalignment, so stacking bushings end to end can cause binding at the seam. Using one longer bushing is preferred to two smaller ones.