Is there a wiki or webpage that shows what's best configuration for CP? As in

Is there a wiki or webpage that shows what’s best configuration for CP? As in minimal requirements for the SPJS and CP running on a local machine?

I ask this because when I redesign the host controller for my machine I replaced my RPi B+ with a ITX dual core machine (2.2ghz), 8GB of ram and a 60GB SSD. Its running Ubuntu. All day today, When I ran a job. It would run the first 4~6 lines of gcode, then pause. After fiddling around for a couple minutes, I clicked on feed hold then it would start again. From that point on It would do this randomly on different gcode files. Multiple times during the job. (I’d say a avg. of 2 times per job)

The other issue is that CP would lose it connection with SPJS (which is running locally on the machine.) but yet, @Riley_Porter_ril3y pendant control is still active and connected to the same instance as CP and still controls the CNC (As in, they were both connected- But then CP loses it connection (claim that no serial port is available) - But the pendant control is still working.) I’d have to kill and restart SPJS a couples of times to get it to see it again. This has been tested without the pendant app running. Same behavior. As a side question, When you restart the SPJS from CP- Is there a way to get SPJS to restart the same instance is running vs. killing it and starting it again daemonized? I leave it active with -v in a terminal so I can see what’s going on. And when it re starts, there is no way to see what it’s doing without kill -9’ing the restarted instance. If it wrote a rolling log of some sort, then I can just tail the log.

And lastly, Yesterday I was doing a aircut. I let it run for about 45 mins then I stopped it by clicking ‘stop’ in the gcode widget. Then I went ahead and wiped the buffer. The behavior I saw was it went far left on Y, Then up on Z, Then back the same distance on Y (all at different feed rates and motions that not in the gcode file) Home itself then went back where it should have been when I clicked stop. Doesn’t matter the gcode. And it repeatable.

I’ve upped the nice priority on the SPJS to -10 and have firefox running in kiosk mode. This machine does nothing else.

TinyG2 build 83.09 - SPJS 1.80 - Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

Sorry for the long post. Trying to figure out to get it to work optimally with minimal upkeep.

This feels like the old issue that use to happen due to a garbage collection bug in the old version of Go which is what SPJS is written in. The new version of Go doesn’t have this problem, or at least I haven’t seen it. Are you running your own compiled version of SPJS and if so what version of Go?

SPJS can run on any computer you throw at it really. It does run on the original Raspberry Pi, but that device is a bit slow.

Also, since you’re on the G2 I truly recommend you run the new 1.82 version that’s at

What’s the difference between 1.80 and 1.82?

Sorry, The pre-complied version. ‘Linux x64’

  • You can now program your Arduino by using the program command in SPJS. Thanks go to from for this new feature.
  • Avrdude and Bossac are now included in the binary distributions for each platform.
  • The serial library has been replaced with one from to solve some long-standing bugs including a connection handshake and ports not closing correctly on all platforms.
  • TinyG G2 has it’s own buffer to fix crashing on feedhold.

Where does one get hands on a tinyG 2?

Get an Arduino Due. Install the G2 firmware from and put a Gshield onto the Due. Done.