Is there a way to view code output on a computer?

(Kevin Wagner) #1

Is there a way to view code output on a computer? What I’m looking for is a way to upload code to a Teensy then display on my computer in some kind of virtual environment what the LEDs would look like if they were actually connected.

(Giligain I.) #2

That’s a good question.
Following for answers.

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

A few people have discussed “simulators” and “emulators” here before. Try searching the group for those terms, and post back here any links that you find useful!

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #4
I am about to test software and have no idea how it works yet , and it the only windows and arduino program out there that I could find apart from expensive dmx controllers etc… :wink:

(Victor Pacheco) #5

You mean from the Teensy to the computer? You can easily do it with almost any visual programming languaje like C#. Also you can write the code and simulate it too

(Peter Buelow) #6

Would be nice, and probably not too difficult to do. But you have to emulate two things, the Teensy, and the NeoPixels. The NeoPixels would be rough I think. Maybe not?

I’d be interested in a NeoPixel emulator in and of itself. Create a strand or set emulated and hook those up to FastLED compiled in some sort of ARM Bochs/Qemu machine or something? Pry a lot more work than just debugging the Teensy, but interesting anyway.

(Marc Miller) #7

@Kevin_Wagner ​​ Here’s something I was messing with to have a visual without having a strip hooked up.

(Kevin Wagner) #8

@marmil Excellent! Thank you Marc, this is exactly what I was looking for.