Is there a way to do grey scale images on a stock k40?

Is there a way to do grey scale images on a stock k40? I’ve been reading for days and have yet to get a clear answer, using the provided laserdrw software

The closest you can come is to dither an image but as far as doing a pure grayscale engrave you will need to upgrade your controller

@Cody_McNary ​ an example of dithered image you can do with stock controller


That took alot of practice tho so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the results you want

Thank you, will you please explain the process of dithering? And do I need to set the laser to low power or higher

Dither is done in a photo shop program by processing an image to one bit dots… this is the way old magazines and news paper processed images more dots per inch = darker, less dots per inch = lighter… I do all my image rasters between 4-7ma depending on image

If you use Photoshop, I recently came across an awesome feature that makes turning a full colour image into B&W very easy (retaining the level of detail you wish to keep). That is done using a method called Threshold. I’ll drop a before & after pic here to show the results (also with Diffusion Dither for comparison). Note: no pre-processing of the image was done before doing Threshold or Diffusion Dither).

You can also use Corel to prepare the image. You don’t need Photoshop in case you don’t have that. Search on YouTube for laser engraving photographs. A few decent videos out there showing the process.

I personally use GimpShop for almost all my photo shop needs

Thank you all very much, I managed to work GIMP2 into dithering an image for me, and have come to the conclusion I need higher resolution photos. The first attempt came out well on an anodized sheet of aluminum at 5ma, just a little grainy.