is there a way to call multiple leds in one instruction instead of calling

is there a way to call multiple leds in one instruction instead of calling them individualilly(leds[1] = CRGB::Red)

FastLED.showColor(CRGB::Red); A single statement, at least, if that’s what you mean. Under the hood, I have a hunch it’s doing the same thing as the more manual version though.

Thanks for the help, I hoped there would be a way to call a range of leds as my other alternative involves manually calling about 35 different leds

There’s nothing wrong with manually setting the color 35 LEDs at a time. In fact, it’s very common to update every LED 60+ times per second.

What problem are you looking to solve here?

im trying to set segments of the led strip to green from their default of red when a sensor is tripped

You mean something like this?

You’ll need to set each LED’s color in this case. But doing so isn’t hard.

not really. here is my current code

Hmm, I would define a function that’s something like setColorRange(CRGB color, uint8_t from, uint8_t to) which loops of the range you specify and sets a color to all LEDs in that range.

how would i go about doing that. sorry im reletivley new to this.

I believe that’s what fill_solid does, except that the arguments are (1) what color, (2) the address of the first led to fill, and (3) the number of leds to fill. I think this would work for you:

fill_solid( color, &leds[from], to-from+1);

Or something like this which requires a bit less math.

void setColorRange(CRGB color, uint8_t from, uint8_t to) {
for (uint8_t i = from; i <= to; i++) {
leds[i] = color;

setColorRange(CRGB::Red, 1, 3);
// leds 1, 2 and 3 are now set to red.

Yep, that’s what fill_solid does internally anyway. The difference is that fill_solid can work on any array, and the setColorRange function has one led array hard coded into it. Nice example of the trade-off of generality versus convenience!

(Myself, I tend to choose convenience until a good reason forces me to generalize; I like setColorRange for this case.)