Is there a vendor of Prusa Mendel i3 kits ?  Looking to buy one

Is there a vendor of Prusa Mendel i3 kits ? Looking to buy one !

Not that I’m aware of. I really wish there were waterjet cut 6mm alum plates available somewhere… shows a complete kit being unpack and how to solder up the electronics and assemble everything …

Check out the “Frame” page. That’s just the wood box frame, not the nice alu frame.

I think @Josef_Prusa is selling them (or planning to?), but probably not in the US.

Well I’m not in the US of A ! The design of the frame looks to provide good stability. I am trying to decide between the i3, Wallace or RepRapPro Mendel …

Hi William :slight_smile: i3 is good, Im working with some vendors to produce good kits on the other side of the pond. RepRapPro is almost generic i2 Prusa :wink: Wallace is bit unstable.

“Wallace is bit unstable.” in the sense of a nightly build of a software package, yes. I built it to see if it would work, and learned a lot in the process. There are several things that will be different in the next version, and I can’t really recommend making one now (unless the alternative is a printrbot, in which case it’s a huge improvement).

I’m in Canada … so which side of the pond am I on ? RepRapPro is by one of reprap’s grandfathers Adrian Bowyer, so I think it is a safe choice for a first one ! A 3 head mod is coming for it as well. The idea of reducing the moving mass on the x-carriage also makes sense to me …

I would recommend against anything with “Mendel” or “Huxley” in the name (other than the Mendel90). Not that they’re bad machines, they’re just needlessly difficult to build and calibrate with those triangular frames that don’t add any rigidity in the direction you really need it.

Threaded-rod frames are so two-years-ago :stuck_out_tongue: is now selling Josef Prusa’s i3 Ali frames!

:slight_smile: I can sell them directly too :wink:

Will you be looking at selling your blood PC and hotends any time soon?

Yeah, hotends Ive got promised some from my CNC shop end of next week, we are waiting on some custom tools. Bloody carbonate is going to be done very soon :slight_smile:

Any chance of pre-ordering?

I’d definitely be more interested in ordering from “the source”, so I’m very interested in the alum waterjet cut plates…