Is there a tutorial anywhere to get laserweb working with Smoothie?

Is there a tutorial anywhere to get laserweb working with Smoothie? I have it plugged into the smoothie board, I’ve gone through the settings, and all I am trying to do is jog the Y access to make sure the motors respond, but I get “Socket OK” “Not Connected” “Queued 208”. I am missing something, and I do not know what it is.

To help you we need a little more info. What platform are you running on (Windows, Mac etc)? What browser are you using? Are you running the most recent version of smoothie firmware? Firmware would be my first guess, make sure you are running the following version: Copy this to the SD card after renaming it firmware.bin and then reboot your smoothieboard. Hopefully this will fix your issues.

I have found that about 9 out of 10 connection problems have been firmware related. The other 10% is usually a keyboard<—>chair interface error :wink:

I sorted out our problem. It was a config issue on the smoothieboard. We’ve got smoothie talking to an app on my mac, I will revisit laserweb after I confirm all parts work basically with the smoothie.

Happy to hear the problem is fixed. Have fun!

Well it’s not “fixed” it’s more I stopped thinking about trying to get it all working at once and started getting things going one at a time. Getting the smoothieboard working with the motors first via direct USB connection to my mac, now I am working on laserweb on the raspberrypi. I am updatin gthe firmware now I’ll let you know how that goes.

Let’s try this again…

LaserWeb GIT Hash: 73ff707bb04d78a5f982cb23c3d849606d7643d3

Which was the “version bump” on Nov 2

Running RasbeeryPi Rasbian Jessie Lite from May. (too lazy to download a updated version).

Smoothieboard has been updated to the above linked firmware.

Top of the page.
Type of connection is USB.
USB Port is /dev/ttyAMA0
Baud is 115200 which is what was set in the config for the smoothieboard. (and I have confirmed it to make sure I wasn’t wrong).

If I click on connect the connect button turns to.

Top of page under main header still says…

SocketOK, Not Connected, Queue 23

Not sure how to debug this, and it’s 10pm at the hackerspace so if you can give me some suggestions I’ll come back tomorrow and give them a try.

I will grab that tomorrow when I go back.

That is a good question, I didn’t see that in the instructions on the wiki, so probably not. How do I check if it is part of the dial out group?

great I’ll add pi to dialout tomorrow. The dropdown only listed /dev/ttyAMA0. Do you think this is a setting I am missing on the smoothiboard side or the raspberryPi side?

ok just checked, “pi” is part of dialout by default. so that’s not the issue.

I brought the PI home with me, but not the smoothie board, I was still not seeing the 2 ttys you were talking about, but after some searching I found the command

/etc/init.d/udev restart

I plugged in an Arduino and still couldn’t see anything, but when I ran the above command /tty/AMC0 was available, so it seems the pi isn’t detecting when I plug it in, but it does if I run the restart command for udev restart, so I’ll that tomorrow after connecting the smoothie board.

I am using jessie lite, I don’t do full desktop versions as I never have monitors connected to them and they fit on 4GB cards, so maybe there are some pieces missing like auto detecting USB devices when they are plugged in. I’ll grab the latest jessie make sure it’s updated and upgraded. I’ll let you know how it all goes.