Is there a specific reason why the gcode files saved by LW have no

Is there a specific reason why the gcode files saved by LW have no file extension ?

I tend to generate the gcode on my desktop which has a big screen and more resources, save the gcode on my local cloud and run it on lighter machine based computers (mostly pipo’s).

As LW can only open -gcode files, there’s an extra step for renaming each file with the .gcode extension.

Maybe I’m missing something (like working with the workspace export ? But with gcode I skip the ressource hungry gcode generation on the machine).

Strange I do get the extension (jus hidden in windows ) and it loads up again

Did you replace an existing file ? If the old one is renamed .gcode, the new one will keep the extension. I just did multiple tests, all the new file with new names have no extension. Tested on win7 x64 and win10 x86

I dont believe i replaced since i never use gcode. The above was done on Windows. I will test again on windows.
Bellow is my osx just before saving

Try to save it with another name ? I never use gcode.gcode. It seems if I rename the file, I loose the extension:
(same content, just saved with a different name, see date)

Still shows the extension on OSx. Mind that I only deleted the name and not the extension before saving.

Ok i was able to replicate on Windows if I rename the file it looses the extension.

@Jorge_Robles ​ is it possible to make that while saving on windows it will show the extension as on OSX above?

I think is issued already. Will check.