is there a Single or Dual hotend carriage for either the herculien or eusthanios

is there a Single or Dual hotend carriage for either the herculien or eusthanios and variants that have a spot for a barreltypes/threaded probe? specifically this or similar size

i have looked and cant find one.
@Eclsnowman @Zane_Baird
tagged incase some are found so they can be archived.

@Zane_Baird ​ you have that new Carriage with the probe you would be willing to share?

Otherwise I know @Markus_Granberg ​ has his direct drive version.

long as they fit the bushings used in the herc BOM i aint picky :stuck_out_tongue:

you can always get blender and add one to the .stl, it’s great to learn the basics of modeling and printing 3D objects.

I have been trying to learn solid works and others.

Not at that level quite yet
Thats my carriage. Its for igus bearings tho…

they look pretty close to the 7z41mpsb10m i use. is it just a different material these igus are made of?

Yes the igus bearings is made of their plastic blend. Super light and easy to get hold of where I live.

ok. but the external dimensions should be the same no?

Do you have the STL you printed from? i cant navigate the STEP File effectively. :frowning:

Google Photos
talking about the devil, my order just showed up…
Sure I save a stl file for you, but i dont think your bearings will fit without modification, but its close!

oh wow. those are alot thinner than i thought they would be. hmm…guess its back to the drawing board :frowning:

thanks for trying @Markus_Granberg i do appreciate it

@Jim_Stone I have a carriage that includes a location for a probe, but it is for different bearings. I recently modified the carriage to fit the bushings in the BOM, but also removed the probe point. I’ll look at it and see if I can easily include the probe again.

thank you @Zane_Baird !!! :smiley:

@Jim_Stone I don’t have time to make the modification necessary at the moment, but I have a working version that doesn’t include a spot for a probe. I plan on making a commit to the github after MRRF that will include solidworks and .stl files for different derivations I’ve made

Ok. Maybe with normal solid works files I could figure something out. Or fail horribly haha. Either way. I can guarantee it will be chunky and ugly…and probably a cube with a hole that is 2 piece n tightens lololol

welp this sucks. the computer i design on psu died and took everything with it. and the laptop i run the printers and flash firmware with isnt powerful enough to 3d model so i cant do my bad designs even if i got my paws on something to muck up :frowning:

@Zane_Baird whats the status on your end?

Try onshape it runs in your browser or phone/tablet. And it’s free