Is there a rough going rate for a used, fully assembled and calibrated i3?

Is there a rough going rate for a used, fully assembled and calibrated i3? I would like to upgrade but don’t know where to start for the asking price.

Parts cost plus a few hundred for all your labor, I would think. You can build one minimally for about $400, or with lots of perks for $500-600. Being used isn’t too much of a deficit, actually, because it saves so much time on tuning and calibration for the new owner. (Even if you break it down into 3-4 parts for shipping.)

So… $800-900 would not be an unreasonable price to ask. Whether someone will buy it at that price is another question… You’re competing with the Replikeo kit, for example, which is under $500 shipped. But it requires lots of tweaks for best results. Your added value may be worth it to someone looking to add to their collection.

On the other hand, you could donate the printer to a school or museum, then write off the current resale value on your taxes, which is reasonably estimated at $1000 or more, given comparable commercial printer offerings.

It’s a hard call. An i3 doesn’t have any QC or support behind it. Few i3s are built identically, and a beginner would be better off with a used Printrbot or (grudgingly) a Replicator than fight firmware and hardware quirks from a custom build. Be honest about the condition of your printer when you put it up for sale, or you’ll end up with an angry buyer. It wouldn’t hurt either to make up a CDROM with the firmware config files and source, STLs for the parts you used in your build and upgrades, slicer config files. Throwing in some spares for commonly broken plastic parts (X carriage, clamps, gears) helps too.

Craigslist is a good bet since you can gradually drop the price to gauge interest. You also avoid packaging and shipping, and give the buyer the chance to inspect it first. On Craigslist, I’d start at $800 and go down slowly from there.

I would stick with an i2. I get way better prints and its a lot more sturdy and stable

price wise I would expect a built and calibrated one to sell for 900-1400