Is there a (recommended) way to run two "virtual" strips of LEDs off of

(Coby Hausrath) #1

Is there a (recommended) way to run two “virtual” strips of LEDs off of one? Aka I have a 20-LED strand, like so:
but I want to effectively address it like so:
9-8-…- 1-0 - 10-11 -…18-19

So that both halves are mirrored, and the 1st and 10th LEDs are at the center.

Is there a good place to do a remapping like this? Otherwise I’m thinking I’ll initialize a a 10-LED “virtual” strand (that isn’t actually output anywhere) and then copy that array’s contents to the 20-LED’s array before each .show() call.

Also I’m having some flickering problems (power-related)…are the set_max_power_in_volts_and_milliamps() functions in the main branch or do I need to get them from the 2.1(?) branch still? nevermind, got this part figured out, seems to be in 3.1 and good to go.

Thanks for this awesome library! I had played with it a year or two ago but I’ll be getting to the playa for the first time this year so I’m finally getting to put it to good use :slight_smile:

(Jon Burroughs) #2

Here’s an interesting mapping code from a Kickstarter I supported:

(Coby Hausrath) #3

Thanks! That link was very helpful for me to approach the problem in that way.

I went ahead and manually implemented a similar lookup within my for() loop, but I think I’ll abstract it out into a function like you linked since it’s not reusable as it is currently (without a lot of head-scratching every I need to remember how it works).