Is there a parts list somewhere for parts people recommend?

Is there a parts list somewhere for parts people recommend? I want to do the air assist head plus a small air pump. Any suggestions on what to get?

I got a new lens (LSR-LEN18ZN5I) and the air assist nozel replacement (LSR-LH1820B) from for about 45$ US. Very happy with them!

I am using a repurposed pool toy inflator for my air source. A LITTLE noises but it works and I had it on hand! :slight_smile:

I 3D printed a head - it works but the small fish tank pump is just slightly underpowered to extinguish all the flare ups.

@Matt_Schmidt you can take a look at my collection of K40 Upgrades for a couple of links

I am using a 3d printed air assist head that I designed, but it had flaws. Got the new design being printed now & should have it in the next few days. It just slots onto the existing laser head (so you can continue using the stock lens/lens mount) & it has 2 intakes for 2 aquarium pumps, to increase the power (as like @Michael_Audette I found that 1 air pump was way too underpowered for removal of all flareups).

edit: other parts you may want is a better cutting table, z-table (so it can move up & down), inline flow sensor (to make sure the water is always running), door interlock switch (to make sure laser won’t fire with door open). I don’t have any of these myself, but a lot of people have them & recommend them. For cutting table, there are a few simple designs for manual z-tables around that you could build yourself easily.