Is there a 12v version of the WS2812

(john dolecki) #1

Is there a 12v version of the WS2812

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

There are definitely led strips and pixel strings that take 12v. Do you want that or just the raw components?

(john dolecki) #3

I need 2 m of the led strip that powered by 12v but still takes the signal input at 5v from the arduino.

(Did I say that correctly?)

My Robot base has 12 and 24v so it would be easier to power my leds from 12volts verses adding and additional power supply at 5 v just for the led’s.

(Mark Kriegsman) #4

Yep! That’s definitely available. 12v power, 5v signal. Check eBay or Ray Wu’s store Other places will have them too.

(john dolecki) #5

Why doe the picture of the strip show 4 connections? 12v, 5v ground and signal? is it able to run on both 5v and 12 v?

(Daniel Garcia) #6

If there’s four wires the less are likely something like the apa102, where there is clock, data, power and ground. As opposed to the ws2812 where there is just data power and ground.