Is the z gantry of the herculien tight on the leadscrews for anyone else?

Is the z gantry of the herculien tight on the leadscrews for anyone else? i seem to have to tug on the belt with alot of force.

this is minus the heatbed assembly.

is this just how it is? my other printer with threaded rods requires less force.

im pretty sure its not one side higher than the other. but it seems to be tighter at the bottom than the top.


Did you put the lower mounts all the way against the vertical 20x80. There is supposed to be a space allowing for adjustments.

Do you have the bottom bearing holders flush against the V-slot rail? There should be some space between the two. You will have to play with the amount of space until the motion is smooth. It shouldn’t require much force on the belt at all to move the bed.

Ah…yes the bottom holders are flush. So I assume loosen them up a bit and run it up n down slowly tightening the brackets down?

@Eclsnowman looks like you beat me to that by less than a minute

@Zane_Baird That’s OK. I will let you get the next one :slight_smile:

Also do you think I should modify the part to be sized with no adjustment to fit right against the vertical vslot? This has been a common problem for almost every builders. I left it with degrees of freedom so that perfect alignment could be obtained… but those freedoms come with complexity. I just figured not everyone’s prints are perfectly dimensionally accurate, so this freedom would give a little wiggle room.

@Eclsnowman Based on the problems people seem to have with it, it may be a good idea to make the part flush with the extrusion. If people are really printing parts that are inaccurate to the extent of 1mm, they are likely to have some serious issues with every aspect of the build involving a printed part… Plus, If it’s a matter of 100s of microns or so it’s unlikely it will effect the alignment too greatly (and if it does, there is always the option of sanding it down or putting a sheet of card stock between the two to get the right alignment).

Just my $0.02

i would just make a note of it in the build doc :stuck_out_tongue:

could one of you measure your extrusion opening. im having a hell of a time getting the cover in for the plexi.i think my opening may be smaller.@5.28mm:( the vslot i have at its narrowest is 6.3 somethingdang it…

@Jim_Stone I put a slight bevel/chamfer on my plexi edges. It helps them slide into the track easier.

i know that. but i cant even get the plastic track in the v groove to get the plexi in the plastic track D:

@Jim_Stone Can you send a picture? That’s really strange

Yeah gimme a bit. Internet is all weird atm I can however slide the stuff in the rail sideways just not downwards. Mangled a piece of the stuff doing that lol

But to just hide wires the stuff works fine