Is the OMTECH MF1624-55 - 55W a good option

hello all, i am looking for a CO2 Laser, the OMTECH laser is 16x24 (it will be better is i found any laser of 15x20, 16x24 is unnecessary for my), so i want to know is this is a good option for me…, the only requirement that i am looking is that the laser have pass-through, have ruida controller compatible with lightburn, a good support, and be not more then 16x24 and not less then 15x20.

i found some other in 15x20 range on ebay but the problem with that is that i an very new on this laser world so i am looking for a brand that is have a good support, and that is why i am thinking on OMTECH, i know if i buy from this ebay seller, and i have any problem, they barely help me…

and my last question, is possible to install a autofocus on this laser? i know that OMTECH sell autofucs laser, they problem that is the smallest autofocus laser is 20x28, and that is not good for me, 1) it will not fit through my doors 2) i don’t need such a large work space.
so becouse i can’t buy any of the autofocus laser, i can install the autofocus on this laser in the future? thanks in advance!

I can only speak of my experience. I have owned one for the last four years and it has had no issues other than a bad laser power supply which I was able to get in less than a week. It failed within the first 6 months of ownership.

As with everything, I have heard some people not have a great experience but they are more in the minority than the majority.

And yes, you can add autofocus in the future.

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thanks! yeah i see that some people sometimes get defect part of the laser, but the good thing that i see is that OMTECH take care and replace the bad parts, and actually have a good customer support, that is way i like OMTECH over another sellers like ebay, i found that the nova 24 have all specs i am looking for, but i cost almost $7000 for 24 x 16, and the OMTECH is around $2500.

however if i can upgrape the MF1624 and install the Autofocus, that is it!, that is all i need, by the way, do you know like how much that cost and how “difficult” the installation can be, i see some autofocus in google in the price range of 50-200.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how difficult it is to add the autofocus feature.

Skip the autofocus option. We have a Thunderlaser machine and this function passed away approx 3 years after buying. Since then we use the machine without and we have not missed it. :wink:

We adjust the space between the laserhead and the workpiece with a mechanical gauge.

The clearance should be between 4 to 5mm. So the tip of the gauge should fit under the head.