Is the maxChanges in nblendPaletteTowardPalette( currentPalette, targetPalette, maxChanges) resource intensive?

Is the maxChanges in nblendPaletteTowardPalette( currentPalette, targetPalette, maxChanges) resource intensive? Is there any way to change the speed of nblendPaletteTowardPalette ?

I’m trying to fade a rainbow pattern on the entire strip to red color on the entire strip and then control the speed of this change with a potentiometer . The max value for MAXCHANGES is 48 and its nowhere near the speed of change I need.

as an example of speed, with fade to black there is a video in this post:

Working with FastLED 3.1 on Arduino Mega 2560 iii & Windows

Try calling it more frequently; it’s pretty cheap actually.
You can always just call it two or three times in a row, and fade two to three times as quickly.

I need the fade to be at a certain BPM just like using beatsin8() and fill_rainbow() for the entire strip… I couldn’t fade to a color instead of black using beatsin8 so switched to using palettes.

Give me a bit and I’ll see if I can help out.

Take a look at this code:

It uses a BPM beat to control the varying mix of two source palettes together into a ‘beat palette’ which is then used for drawing. Think of it as a pendulum controlling a palette cross-fader.

Hope this helps!

yes that seems to be exactly what I wanted thank you! it works great. will study this code

Excellent! Let me know if it ‘clicks’ for you mentally! Not that it’s NOT using the usual one-way-slow-crossfade palette function, just a ‘blend’ call, with the mixer value controlled by a beat.