Is Smoothieboard RoHS?

I want to use Smoothieboard v1.x5 in a commercial product.

I read in this post that it is RoHS. Is there an official certification somewhere? From which supplier could I purchase to obtain official documentation?

The Bill of Materials has a column “RoHS”. Most cells are empty and some are green with a “*” inside. What does it mean?

Thanks a lot

The components for which you have the option of selecting RoHS or not, we select RoHS. Those are all ICs. That’s pretty much it. The components for which you don’t have a choice, are all passives, for which the distinction doesn’t make sense. The boards do not have any “non-RoHS” components. And the most important part of all this, is the solder we use is RoHS, obviously.

There is no official certification, simply making sure we don’t use non-RoHS components/solder is enough (including for some pretty strict processes like having the board go up to the ISS, or some national security uses etc)