Is my laser aligned?

I have my laser aligned (or so I though). The spot is always in the same place, in the center of the mirror 3 hole.

But when I burn, the top side of the sheet is cut, but not the bottom side.

Notice that after aligning the laser, the spot was centered but near the top border, so I moved the head up 3mms. And so moved the bed, 3mm up, to maintain last focus distance.

I’m getting tired of this k40. When one thing is fixed,n another one breaks and so on :sleepy:

any one, please?

I want to help but your description doesn’t make sense to me.
Can you attach some picture that show what you are asking and the symptoms?

Don’t worry about it Don, he’s posted he is selling his machines. Looks like he has 2 different K40s.
I too didn’t understand what he was getting at with his descriptions.