Is LaserWeb easy to use and intuitive?

Is LaserWeb easy to use and intuitive?

I had to really step through the manual and watch the videos that are posted. Without those, I would have struggled.

Not an easy question (imho) while LW connects to hardware boards, which are not part of LW but can be addressed by LW. Where does “LaserWeb” start end where does it end?

I can generally figure out what I need to do, but it feels like it fights you. When you select a preset from the material database, for example, it automatically closes the tab. Invariably I find myself reopening it to verify or change something, like the layer name.

The functional abilities are impressive and improving every release.

Error recovery and “user stupidity prevention” could be better.

… Software should not let you do invalid things. The most intuitive software needs no manual and the RTFM hashtag is unnecessary :).

That said, LW is improving at an impressive rate…

What @donkjr said. I’ve gotta say the engine is great. It does a fantastic job of turning raster and vector graphics into G-Code. I love the fact that it works with DXF layer and block structure, that saves me a lot of work that I used to have to do with RDCAM.
There are a lot of little kinks in the UI that need ironing out; unexpected behaviors (See my thread on the material database) missing features (the About tab does not link to any documentation or reference material), unintentional booby traps (click on the link to one of the Google+ groups on the About tab, and it opens in the window that LaserWeb is running in, the back button won’t take you back to LaserWeb. Hope you saved your work!)

With the vídeos, yes.

I wish on the tabs under Settings> for “Machine Settings” “File Settings” “Gcode” etc, I wish you could click on the blue tabs to open each section instead of having to click on the words themselves… I know it’s a simple thing but it takes a few seconds longer to click the words, rather than just clicking any of the blue area for the menu to open up. That’s just me.