Is jpadie still the best branch to use for GRBL ?

Is jpadie still the best branch to use for GRBL Was working fine a couple weeks ago, but now I am getting an incorrect reading on the axes. I’m trying to move 10mm and the axes are only showing a movement of ~0.4mm. The movement is correct on my CNC machine, but not in the Chilipeppr UI. Dragging in a new Eagle board seemed to cause some weirdness as well. I tried to empty cache and hard-reload but that didn’t seem to help. Is this a known issue?

The axes issue sounds like an inches/mm issue again. What is $13 set to on your controller?

Can you let me know what weirdness you see with the eagle widget? It is a little difficult to diagnose with that detail.

I can see in your video now. Your board is set to report in inches ($13=1) but your gcode is in mm. If you push a G21 and $G to the serial port manually you should see CP forcing the board to report in mm.

I need some more reports of use cases where this does not happen automatically so the I can plug the gaps. Although I am coming to the conclusion that doing so may not be worth the effort and I should adopt the kludge from the grbl 0.9 widget.

Thanks a bunch for your help. I set $13 to 0 and that worked for me. I’m not sure how it got set to 1. Haven’t touched my CNC in a few weeks and the last time I used it I was on jpadie and everything worked great. I think the Eagle board import problem was a user error on my part. Sorry for the confusion there.