Is it possible to make the body of a k40 deeper?


I own an omtech K40. I’m trying to engrave onto thicker items (currently boxes) that don’t physically fit into the space below the laser head. I’ve so far added air assist, removed the stock bed in favour of a Z-lift and pin bed, added a better (in-line) extractor, and I’ve just purchased a mini-gerbil to allow me to use lightburn. Just for background info.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to simply remove a section of the base to allow the items to sit on the table below? I’m struggling to work out what this would mean from a safety point of view. I’d purely be engraving, so cutting depth isn’t an issue, and the items I’d be using are max 200x300mm so fit the standard bed in that regard. They’re just too tall!

Any input would be very much appreciated. I’m still very new to it, though finally feel that I’m making progress and getting my head around things! I run a personalisation business so being able to engrave thicker items would be really useful. Everything I’m finding online is about increasing the standard bed area, I’m not coming across anything relating to the depth of the base.

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Use V-slot extrusion to build extra box space under it?

@Bill-CNC also did this along with a bunch of other changes:


Many have cut out the bottom for just the reason you mentioned.


I made a box out of 3/4" (2cm) mdf as big as the body of the K40, then cut a hole through the K40 the size of the bed/working area. I think I added 8" (20cm) to the height. It works well.